We are a Master MSSP built for the MSP channel and our services are designed to align with your business. Have confidence in a global leader in the MSSP space that can support any size no matter how large or small of an MSP you are.

With available no minimum and no contract month to month billing you get the flexibility of a model that fits the MSP.



Filling the need of MSP’s everywhere on how to cost effectively deliver SOCaaS. No need to build out a SOC or purchase a SIEM/SOAR, with us you can take advantage of our 100% US based 24/7 SOC and a next gen XDR solution which pairs Artificial Intelligence with Automated Threat Elimination. This technology offers the support to effectively streamline your expectations with the first-to-market SIEM driven by artificial intelligence – in an affordable monthly OPEX model

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A comprehensive service leveraging best of breed technology with 24/7 threat monitoring, threat hunting, and detection response. Our incredibly cost-effective solution, built for MSP’s, leverages our US based SOC to deliver protection needed at the endpoint. MDR includes advanced next generation endpoint protection, enterprise EDR, and configuration, management and remediation service by our team.

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Management, security services or new hardware deployment and configuration - different partners have different needs. For some, a partner in service reduces headcount or simply frees up the grueling hours found in management and analyzing reports. Whatever the case may be, there is an opportunity to maximize your performance and results – from monitored to managed, SIEM to SOC.

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Protection across multiple platforms with a multi-layer strategy that detects the most advanced phishing, spear phishing campaigns, and zero-day threats, as well as a self-teaching AI-powered algorithm that dynamically detects malicious behavior and quarantines dangerous files. Layered with proactive threat analytics leveraging our AI driven SIEM and US based SOC. We will detect and alert on known and new threats using machine learning, behavioral analytics, and dynamic threat models.

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Vulnerability Management

With high automation and orchestration our unique Vulnerability Management platform offers unparalleled insights into your customer’s cyber security on a continuous basis, with as little effort as it gets. Best in class software backed by our team to deliver a needed service to your customers

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Enable your teams to amplify their impact and respond at scale with Core Extensions. Streamline asset discovery, alert validation, threat detection, forensic analysis, incident management, remediation and recovery within a single cloud based platform that reaches ALL of your endpoints.

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