Incident response is the action(s) taken during a security event and immediately following that event. A Good incident response capability allows you to effectively identify, mitigate the damage and reduce the cost of a security event, while finding the root cause to prevent future attacks. Most organizations are not equipped to respond to a security event properly with their existing tools. We leverage best of breed tools to respond and make effective decisions and the power to extract those decisions across the entire network before the damage occurs or sensitive information is lost. Engage with our team before it’s too late.

Key Steps for Successful incident Response:

  • Assemble your Team
  • Detect and Determine Patient Zero
  • Contain
  • Recover
  • Assess Damage and Severity
  • Notification
  • Evaluate Response Effort and Discuss Prevention

The first hour is critical to a successful response plan. This time should be considered as all hands-on deck. We are here to guide you through this. In this first hour we will work to uncover the scope of the attack and any additional threats, provide critical information to your MSP allowing you to communicate with your end customer. We are also going to help secure the environment from active threats on devices.


We leverage powerful products so that you can work with us to respond as quickly as possible. Many companies spend this critical time looking at how to respond or searching for a tool they don’t currently have access to. By allowing us to back your MSP we can bring in our best of breed technology that has allowed us to be a strong and successful MSSP.