The Perimeter is the holy grail of access for an attacker. In a cloud-driven world, a properly configured and managed firewall holds the ultimate responsibility for breach-prevention. Every year, the industry is documenting a 20-60% increase from attackers armed with ransomware, crypto lock, and phishing attacks. Arm yourselves with a next generation firewall – loaded with antivirus, content filtering, geo IP, intrusion prevention, advanced threat protection, sandboxing and analysis software, reporting, analytics, with intelligent configuration.

Today, we see firewall vendors from across the globe all claiming the same message – faster, stronger, better, seamless. All firewall technology is, in fact, far more powerful in comparison to yesteryear. Solutions Granted, Inc. has spent the last 15 years integrated with Sonic Wall technology, support, and development teams – configuring, installing, mastering and supporting Sonic Wall firewall technology, globally. Our greatest resources are our people, and our people work for you.

SonicWall FireWall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)
A channel friendly, SonicWall firewall lease option that includes hardware, software, and direct SonicWall Support – all with heartbeat monitoring, without a contract or minimum.

The firewall is the original pillar to cybersecurity. Our SonicWall Technical Master Certified Engineers offer configuration, implementation, health & wellness checks, and multiple levels of monitoring and management. This team has traveled the globe, installing firewalls in 5 of 7 continents, and holds over 20 years’ experience as a Tier-1 Service provider.

SonicWall delivers the industry’s highest standards in gateway security; with this powerful technology in place, organizations can better protect your sensitive data, reduce your risk of widespread compromises, and improve your overall security posture. With FWaaS - both the technology of SonicWall, and your organization, stay current, secure, profitable, and updated.

Services, Analytics, Management

No two clients are created equal. Beyond the colorful personalities and experiences, we find specific needs. These needs may vary upon a variety of reasons: the ever-changing landscape in regulatory compliance, use-cases, granular expertise, operational efficiencies, market awareness, competition, or the value perceived on proactive practices. Likewise, not every managed service offering requires new hardware. For some, a partner in service reduces headcount or simply frees up the grueling hours found in management and analyzing reports. Whatever the case may be, there is an opportunity to maximize your performance and results – from monitored to managed, SIEM to SOC.


Available Options:


  • 24x7 Access to SGI's SonicWall Firewall Management Console


  • Event Notifications Including; Unit Up/Down Status, Unit WAN Connection Status, Hardware/HA Failover, Unit Locally Changed


  • Weekly Unit Configuration Backups Stored Off-Site (5 versions maintained)


  • Brandable Daily Firewall Security Event Report


  • Brandable Weekly Firewall Usage Report


  • Warranty Exchange Assistance


  • Unlimited Remote Technical Support By SonicWall Certified Engineers


  • Emergency After Hours, Holiday and Weekend Support Available


  • One-Time Firewall Functionality Check

Remote Implementation Services

Default settings yield only default protection. Fortunately, Solutions Granted, Inc. has master certified engineers with decades of dedication to the SonicWall technology. Implementation Services are a professional service, designed as a turnkey remote deployment for SonicWall firewall, Secure Mobile Access, or Email Security appliances. With this service, partners are offered customizable perimeter security guidance and assistance in four stages:

1. Planning/Discovery: The partner will work with an engineer to define expectations and complexity before scheduling the performance of service.

2. Configuration: The engineer will configure the appliance to network security best practices and the provided specifications. A omprehensive review of what is provided in the configuration process is available in the services description specific to the type of network security appliance that you are purchasing. The unit will be thoroughly tested before it is shipped to your location.

3. Installation and Testing: We will then ship the pre-configured appliance to your desired location and schedule an appointment to remotely assist you in the installation of the unit. During the installation appointment, an engineer will guide you, through unboxing and physically plugging in the equipment and remotely assist you with the final configuration and testing.

4. Post-Implementation: For 30 days, we offer technical support and experience the advantages of capabilities found in SonicWall’s GMS (to include monitoring and reporting features).


Why Choose Solutions Granted For SonicWall?

Who else can say all this:

  • SGI sits on the Partner Advisory Board
  • A member of our Team sits on the Technical Partner Advisory Board
  • Our team of Master Certified SonicWall engineers allows us to provide all tiers of support for SonicWall products.
  • Solutions Granted is unique in that it is a Master MSSP as opposed to most partners who are end users or a single SP/VAR.
  • We are a "Tier 1 Service Delivery Partner". This means we deliver services on behalf of SonicWall.
  • SGI members helped SonicWall create their Remote Implementation Service (RIS) program from the ground up.
  • One of our Team members trained EU partners on RIS process/service deliverables.
  • We participate in SonicWall internal BETA testing for all SonicWall products.