MFA, Identity & Access Management


MSPs are faced with protecting themselves and their customers at the same time from cyber-attacks. The most common form of cyber-attack is a login breach, followed by exploiting a lack of least privilege once inside. To combat this problem, MSPs purchase a combination of security point solutions or force-fit enterprise tools that can cause poor security hygiene.


  • Almost impossible for employees to defend themselves individually.
  • Provides multiple "attack vectors" for bad guys.
  • Nothing is centralized and connected in a single way to block everything.
  • Cyber criminals can move from one to the other easily.

It's time that MSPs have one platform that shuts down login breaches across applications, endpoints, networks, and applies least privilege access in a way that fits seamlessly into the MSP managed stack.

Make administration more secure and simplistic by eliminating internal customer password sharing and MFA code re-routing. With EVO Security all these issues are solved:

  • Administration is more secure and simplistic.
  • Internal password sharing is eliminated.
  • Re-routing of MFA codes is a thing of the past.
  • "Invisible layer" centralizes and protects all parts of the business.
  • Uses Multi-Factor Authentication and Access controls to prevent all Methods of login hacks.
  • Makes it extremely difficult for cyber criminals to be successful.

"I'm too small for a hacker to care."




Cyber Criminals are smart, and hacking is a business. They know it's not about how small you are, but how much you're willing to pay to get back what they're holding hostage. They now look for easy targets.

Elevated Access

Secure Login

Techs No Longer Sharing Admin Passwords & MFA Codes

Privileged Access Management


  • MFA/2FA (iOS/Android App)
  • Windows/Mac Agent for Endpoints
  • Web Application Support
  • Build In Password Rotation
  • Microsoft LAPS Support
  • Hidden & Secured Admin Credentials
  • Auto-Provisioning employee termination

End User Authentication info
Company Resources

Identity Management


  • MFA/2FA (iOS/Android App)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Directory Service within Dashboard
  • Windows/Mac Agent for Endpoints
  • Web Application Support
  • Network Device Support (EVO Hosted RADIUS)
  • Security Groups
  • Granular Admin Premissions

Prevent Poor IT Workarounds with Elevated Access