Security is not our job, it's our responsibility.

As an MSP, you need a partner watching your back, protecting the protectors and dedicated to the channel.
You need a US-based SOC and team of professionals.

If you're familiar with how Spartan Warriors form a phalanx, you'll understand our
philosophy and approach to security. Spartans form layers to generate a powerful defense.

With our powerful,
multi-layered approach to
defends you and
your clients against
acts of cyber warfare.

Like the Spartans are
a team, we are your
partner. We provide
coverage, are
adaptable, and adjust
quickly as threats



Our team of Spartan Warriors stands at the ready as powerful layers of defense. As the threat landscape evolves, our warriors adapt quickly. And while our defenses work very well as a team, we can also integrate with your existing security solutions. And that's exactly what you need: A layered approach. Powerful in the face of cyber warfare. Defense in depth. Strength. Adaptability.

You need Solutions Granted.


"Solutions Granted went above and
beyond, They helped our team."

-Greg H.

"Solutions Granted's SOC detected strange activity on a client's server at 2am. We were able to contain the breach at an early stage. I sleep better at night knowing Solutions Granted is watching over my clients' networks."

-Dan B.

"Working with Solutions Granted provides me the peace of mind knowing they are a capable SOC, and value honorable behavior as much as I do. They also allow us to actively participate in securing ourselves and our clientele. And they listen to what we have to say and often, act upon it."

-Josh L.