Today’s cyber attacks are growing in volume and complexity. Adopting technologies that prevent an attack is a valid investment, but you will eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. Yet clients still expect you to keep them safe. You must therefore add detection and response capabilities, which allow you to identify threats (and respond to those threats) before they become full breaches.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines technology and human skills to deliver advanced threat detection, advanced threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident mitigation, and collaborative breach response on a 24x7 basis.

Why our MDR solution

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Personal assistance for deployment and configuration
  • Proof of concept before purchase
  • Deploy any quantity with no minimums
  • Defend against file-less and stealth attacks
  • Leverages best in class next gen AV
  • EDR with threat hunting
  • Timelining, historical triage, RCA, and more
  • Predefined MITRE ATT&CK framework rules
  • Isolate, disrupt, remediate
  • 24/7 S0C
SGI Spartan with Binary

We believe a true MDR requires both a technology stack and 24/7/365 SOC actively analyzing and responding. Our 100% US Based fully manned SOC not only is reviewing logs and actively hunting for threats, but they will isolate when there is an incident even when you are sleeping.

Go beyond EPP and EDR with MDR

No single technology can completely protect an organization from threats, however implementing a set of best-of-breed tools can help harden the security infrastructure against future attacks. Attackers utilize multiple tools for exploiting endpoints, likewise, organizations must have multiple tools that can be used to make up a complete endpoint security stack.

An endpoint security stack must be one that properly limits risk across multiple attack surfaces and tactics that are consistently evolving. Our tiered stack delivers a solution that approaches cyber threats from multiple angles, giving you the greatest chance for success.

First we start with a next Gen AI based EPP product, Blackberry Protect formally known as Cylance who is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cybersecurity – improving the way companies, governments and end-users proactively solve the world’s most difficult security problems.

Blackberry Protect is proactive, by stopping threats before they start instead of traditional anti-virus processes of responding to threats after they have happened. The addition of Blackberry OPTICS - the endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution affords visibility into root cause analysis to make critical changes in security frameworks.

These products are state of the art, the first of their kind, and literally cutting edge. Seeing is believing and our Certified Security Engineers are proud to schedule proof of concepts to show you the many benefits adopting Blackberry Protect as an MSP and providing it to your customers will offer you.

One of the most challenging aspects of setting a baseline and discovering cyber threats in any IT environment is the reliance on existing security tooling, data and logs. Infocyte is designed to remain independent, relying on primary threat intel—separate from traditional defensive tools, which are prone to miss certain types of attacks. Being able to deploy across physical or virtual hosts, on-premise or in the cloud, enables Infocyte to deliver conclusive results faster and more accurately than traditional endpoint security solutions.

Solutions Granted, Inc. is the only Master MSSP offering Infocyte. We believe every business deserves and should require more detailed forensic analysis, full vulnerability assessments, and the ability to identify compromised credentials (to include how they are being used) within an environment which is why our MDR solution includes Infocyte.

Looking for or frustrated with your current SIEM? Within our MDR solution we go beyond the SIEM and get all the capability you need with Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform which has NG-SIEM capability, including much more, out of the box. SIEMs are focused on manual rule writing and require large teams to support operations. Open XDR flips that script by enforcing rigorous data normalization and enrichment which supercharges our SOC analysts and unblocks AI for massive productivity gains.