Email Security

Email Security – Powered by Mimecast

Email is still the #1 cyber portal for malicious threats. Highly effective email security must be your top cyber security priority. Solutions Granted, Inc. offers customizable feature sets to the
Mimecast product suite, to effectively operationalize this product in a supported consumption-based model. Based on each customer’s needs, you can even include features such as:

These feature sets not only enhance the fortress, but proactively mitigate risks, eliminate downtime, and strengthen your operational posture.

Making business email and data safer for thousands of partners and millions of employees worldwide. The next-generation cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email and deliver comprehensive email risk management in a single, fully-integrated subscription service. Reducing email risk and the complexity of managing the array of point solutions traditionally used to protect email and its data. Customers that have migrated to cloud services like O365, Mimecast mitigates single vendor exposure by strengthening security coverage, combating downtime and improving archiving while protecting against malware, spam, advanced phishing and other emerging attacks while preventing data leaks.

Security is not our job, it is our responsibility.

Michael Crean, CEO, Solutions Granted, Inc